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[REVIEW] Peripera Milk Wash Cleansing Foam

As someone who has been traumatized by their acne since middle school, as an adult, I try my very best to maintain healthy-looking skin. The main attribute for healthy-looking skin is consistency. Just like your day-to-day life, your skin needs to have a routine too. Through years of trial and error, I finally realized that Korean beauty products are for me. I have oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin, so I avoid heavy fragrant products; which I don't find often in the kbeauty industry. My kbeauty skincare products usually range from brands such as Nature Republic, The Creme Shop, and Skin Food. 

Another popular kbeauty brand is Peripera, an extended brand within the CLIO Professionals stores. They're mostly known for their lip tints and over time they branched out towards skincare. As I mentioned in my $50 Korean Beauty Haul video, I ran out of my cleanser and since Jknlee had Peripera Milk Wash Cleansing Foam: Moisturizer for $5 USD, I bought it. Not only am I new to the brand but this is my first time trying them. Here's what I thought about the product. 

My skincare routine is as follows: 

  • Remove Makeup: Either with Vaseline or The Creme Shop's makeup wipes (preferably Clear the way! Witch Hazel 60 Pre-Wet Towelettes)
  • Wash: I usually use Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Gel-Foam cleanser, but in this case for review purposes, I used Peripera Milk Wash Cleansing Foam in Moisturizer (alongside my Clarisonic). 
  • Exfoliate: Whilst the cleanser is on my face I like to use sugar to exfoliate. Since I do use raw sugar, I like to dampen it with water to soften the texture a bit.
  • Rinse and Pat Dry
  • Face Masks: I usually use an aloe vera hydrating mask from The Face Shop or Skin Food's Egg Pore Cream Mask. This step is optional. I usually do it every two days.
  • Moisturizer: Pond's Dry Skin Cream, a holy grail item IMO. I've been using this product since I was 8 years old.

The Review

Before testing this product out, I had high expectations, which was due to the strong credit in the kbeauty industry. The Peripera Milk Wash Cleansing Foam consists of rice bran extract, aloe vera leaf juice, and milk protein extract. This cleanser is supposed to make your skin dewy as well as moisturize it. My main concerns prior to testing out this product were whether or not it was strong in smell, if it left any makeup residue, and if it lived up to its purpose which is moisturizing. 

The cleanser immediately passed the fragrant test as soon as I opened the product. There wasn't even a scent. Which is a big deal! The texture of the foam resembles a thicker version of shaving creme yet it's lightweight on the face.  

As I began using the cleanser, three minutes hadn't gone by and the product was starting to dry whilst on my face. Hence my *annoyed* facial expression. Quickly rinsing and patting my face dry, I went on to inspect the results. It passed the scent test and it definitely did not leave any makeup residue, but it left my face dry. For a cleanser that's made for moisturizing and leaving skin dewy, it did the total opposite. 

The product needs some work IMO. It's claimed to be used for sensitive skin types but we need moisturizing too. Everything was going well until it hit dry land (haha). Besides that main aspect, everything else was decent, from packaging to even the texture of the cleanser. 

I would rate Peripera Milk Wash Cleansing Foam a 6/10